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Support the Ministry of CAS

You Can Connect Vulnerable Children with Christian Families


Funds given to CAS provide a level of service that fully supports our BIRTH MOMS and our ADOPTIVE FAMILIES. Specific expenses that are covered by these funds include workshops, training, and other resources for adoptive families, support for birth mothers including basic living expenses that she might be struggling to cover, annual support of an overseas orphanage, and foster care when needed. These funds also allow extensive use of Google and billboard advertisements that help birth moms find Christian Adoption Services. When a mom is not ready to parent, she may feel like abortion is her only option…but when she finds CAS, she can learn about the amazing choice of ADOPTION and offer life to her child. Because funds donated to CAS are used in this way, you can be assured that you are not only supporting families but also are having an eternal impact on the lives of birth moms and vulnerable children.

We are grateful that God has led you to consider financially supporting Christian Adoption Services. Any amount you are led to give will be used to further the kingdom through adoption.